"Spirit having a human experience."

Maria Krekeler
Maria Krekeler

My passion and mission is to support the shift in global consciousness that many individuals are already experiencing. We are all unique individuals, living apparently very different lives. And yet, in essence we are very much alike. Each of us a unique combination of body, mind, and soul that forms the container for life energy flowing within and through us.

The experience of life is a direct reflection of the quality and the conditions of our own container, and how freely our energies can flow.

My purpose and desire is to provide a setting in which individuals and groups can embark on their unique healing journey and beyond. To support the exploration of self as life’s container; to align with and harmonize all components by releasing traumatic currents and disturbances where natural movement has been reduced or frozen in space and time. Ultimately, my mission is to support the all-important shift from identity in personality to caring for the essence, The Divine Self as our true identity embedded and expressed in the human family.

Online Pathwork Lecture Study Group 2016 2017 @ online Zoon or Skype
Sep 24 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Online Pathwork Lecture Study Group 2016 2017 @ online Zoon or Skype | San Diego | California | United States

“Honesty is the most needed and most rare form of love among human beings.” PL 202

This class is offered in a series of 6 two-hour online meetings; commitment to all 6 classes is necessary. Group is closed after the 1st event.



Dates: Saturdays September 24, October 15, November 5, December 17, 2016

              & January 7, February 4, 2017

The cost for the entire sequence is $345 ($295 if registered prior to September 1, 2016)
Class size is limited to 6 students.
Class times:  9am—11am Pacific Time

The Curriculum

The following Pathwork lectures, along with some additional material, will be studied and applied in depth, using the Pathwork Process as well as exercise, guided meditations, and prayer.

Class 1:

  • What is the Path? #204
  • Ego in Relationship to The Real Self #132

Class 2:

  • The Great Transition in Human Development #75
  • Unity and Duality #143

Class 3:

  • Self-Confidence #77
  • The Compulsion to Recreate in oder to Overcome Childhood Hurts #73

Class 4:

  • Images #38
  • The Defense #101

Class 5:

  • The Process of Meditation #182
  • The Power of the Word #233

Class 6:

  • Let Go, Let God #213

Other Details:

This group experience qualifies as one of the pre-requisites to join the Pathwork Transformation Program (PTP).

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